Variable Log Simplifying electronic logging so you can keep the lights on.

Simple, Versatile, Reliable

Variable Log is a real-time electronic logging software made by front line utility  operators for operators.

In the course of the last two decades, we have logged real-time events for both the United States Navy and the civilian utility industry. Our experience has given us an intimate understanding of the problems with existing electronic programs. Variable Log was developed on our own time after a failed attempt by our employer to find a suitable electronic logging program.

We built this platform to allow for the transfer of information in an event group format, which is fast to enter, easy to read, and fast to search. Transferring information from one shift to the next and maintaining records in an easy-to-read format shouldn’t be complicated.

Electronic Logging Made Easier

Access your operational log from any workstation connected to your network.

Log your story as it happens.

Paper logs make it difficult to add new events to related stories. Other electronic logging programs can be difficult to follow, and some events fall through the cracks. Variable Log allows you to group events together as stories in an electronic logbook so you never miss important information.

Minimize your effort. Maximize your results.

Learning and implementing a new software program can be a nightmare. But not with Variable Log. Variable Log lets you use the same logging language that you already know and like. Or, change it to improve and expand your process. The power and control are in your hands.

Use the device that's right for you.

Variable Log runs in any Web browser on any computer or device, and it scales to fit any screen size. So accessibility is never an issue whether you use a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. Mix and match devices across your company, and watch logbooks update in real time.

Simple. Secure. Compliant. All in Real Time.

Variable Log is easy to setup and use. Unique sign-in credentials for each user keep it secure. Storing all log entries keeps your employees accountable and your company compliant. And everything is saved and tracked as you enter it, keeping you up-to-date and ready to go.

Let's take a look at the interface.

Log Book Permissions Users have the ability to edit or monitor Log Books based on permissions. These Log Books will appear on the Dashboard. For example, an operator might need to edit just one Log Book, but a supervisor would want to monitor all Log Books. Log Book Display Log Books display the entries most important to the user. Display all Log Entries with modifications (including new entries) for the previous 24 hours, or create your own display. Choose from open or modified entries in the Log Book for various time frames, viewed in ascending or descending order. Revision History See the evolution of a log entry through the Revision History. Changes from previous revisions are highlighted in the next revision. Every change is tied to a user. Entire entries can be "Struck Out," which maintains the original information, and information is never lost. All users are accountable for every change, and your company will maintain compliance. Customized Log Templates Customized Log Templates allow for easy data input. You create fields to add to templates. Input fields can be required or optional. Add drop-down lists to display options for completing fields, or give the option of typing your own text. Your logs will look the way you want.


We like your style. Here are additional features that give you your time and autonomy back.


Log Entries are made using Log Templates, which can be created using industry standard language, or language specific to your company. Since you are in charge of creating templates, you choose every aspect of your electronic logbook.


Dramatically reduce the time you spend logging. Take advantage of the built-in shortcuts. Using templates decreases the amount of text that needs to be entered by Users. Optional drop-down lists provide continuity of language across all Users, and you still have the flexibility to insert unique text into the fields.

Requires Limited Training

Variable Log is so easy to learn, you’ll be entering logs into our electronic logbook in no time. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Whether you’ve been logging for years, or are brand new, you can start logging right away.

Fully Searchable

Easily locate any information with the search function. Search individual log books for key words or Log Entries, or search all log books at once. Filter results further and find just what you were looking for.


Want to add a document or image to a Sub Entry? Drag-and-drop any file to the Sub Entry to attach it for easy access later. Attach as many files as you want, with no file size limit.


Want a hard copy of a Log Entry? No problem. Easily print log entries, as well as the revision history of Log Entries and Sub Entries. Just another way to audit changes to your Log Book.


All Entries and changes in Variable Log are attributed to the User. Easily track changes, and be assured that all changes are recorded and saved. Maintaining compliance and preparing for audits just got simpler.

Dark Theme

Some industries operate in darker environments. Variable Log includes a user-selectable dark theme to allow for logging without eye strain or shock. Just two clicks to toggle the theme on or off.

Built-in Help

Along with a very detailed help file, Variable Log has help buttons throughout every aspect of the application. Help is never very far away.

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